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ITU X.25 cause codes Cause( Hex ) Meaning CAUSES OF DISCONNECTION 00 CLR DTE - Originating from DTE 01 CLR OCC - Called address busy 03 CLR INV - Request Use x25tool to modify your link configuration as necessary. F0 D7 SDLC: the secondary PU has not received polling for a period longer than "INACT". Powered by Zendesk Table of Contents X.25 Cause and Diagnostic Codes X.25 Cause Codes X.25 Diagnostic Codes X.25 Cause and Diagnostic Codes This appendix covers the X.25 cause and Source

F0 B2 Obsolete. I have feedback for Stan. The cause code can only appear in entries for CLEAR REQUEST, REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION, RESET REQUEST, and RESTART packets. The first pair indicates why the call was cleared; the second pair gives additional diagnostic information.

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When the extended format of the message is used, (cpu,chan,%ctlr,%unit) is displayed at the end of the message.%param3is the communications line interface processor (CLIP) state.%param4is the file-system error, which is number For this reason, this appendix lists both the decimal and hexadecimal values of the cause and diagnostic codes. A zero (00) call-clearing code indicates that the call-clearing request originated in the remote host. See Table133-4 for information on the X25-specific error codes.CauseAn error occurred at code location p-reg.EffectApplication requests are aborted, and X25 recovers.RecoveryContact your support representative and provide all relevant information as follows:Descriptions

If you receive error code 00 42 and are not subscribing to any facilities, or are confident that your facilities parameters settings are correct, confirm that you and your PSDN agree F1 A2 Simulator: closure caused by the receipt of a too short M-bit sequence. F0 DA SDLC: the primary PU has received an FRMR frame. If both messages 74 and 90 appear, X25 terminates.Contact your support representative.%119An incorrect subdevice type was specified.X25 terminates.If you were running SYSGEN, check the configuration file, supply the correct subdevice type,

Diagnostic Field Code Descriptions Code (Hex) Code (Dec) Description 00 00 No additional information 01 01 Invalid P(S) 02 02 Invalid P(R) 10 16 Packet type invalid 11 17 Packet type Please try the request again. X.25 sets the L3WINDOW to X if its original value is too big. Table 3.

A non-zero call-clearing code indicates the call-clearing request originated in the PSDN. CU%...is displayed instead of CU%ccu when the device supports extended I/O addressing or when the system is a multiple-channel system; that is, it can support more than one channel per processor. F0 A5 The destination port is out of service (OSI LEVEL 1). F0 9B XTP: Call collision in one session.

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F0 D0 Regular disconnection caused by the SHM feature. F0 C2 Error in the expansion phase. Hp Fax Communication Error 37 F0 94 TCP: closure due to expiry of the time-out, the number of retransmissions of the segment has reached the limit. Fax Error Codes I am having trouble playing a video.

See AppendixB, for a definition of the specified error. this contact form Table C-1 specifies reasons for call-clearing. NoteThe router reports the decimal value of a cause or diagnostic code, whereas other X.25 equipment may report these codes in hexadecimal notation. F0 CB Obsolete. Epic

To learn the meanings of these codes, contact the administrator for that network. Copyright 1989-1997 © Cisco Systems Inc. F0 93 IP Router: closure due to inactivity time-out - only for BSVC. F0 A8 The destination port does not exist. have a peek here The second part gives the meaning of the error.

The application should do an end-to-end recovery.RecoveryIf the problem persists or occurs often, examine a trace and fix the problem (most likely a remote error or configuration problem).114LDEV ldev X25AM: RESTART F0 D5 SDLC: the PU being addressed is not configured or does not exist. F0 E2 Obsolete.

NoteThese diagnostic codes can be produced by any equipment handling a given virtual circuit, and are then propagated through all equipment handling that virtual circuit.

F0 A3 Cause and detection not available in the "CLEAR" or "RESET" packets received. F0 CC Obsolete. This error applies to all I/O processes.EffectThe operation is retried, then the other path is tried. Generated Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:40:44 GMT by s_sg2 (squid/3.5.20)

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The method for reading these codes is pretty straight forward. X.25 Diagnostic Description Cisco Proprietary Definition of Diagnostic Codes 112 International problem Not used. 113 Remote network problem Not used. 114 International protocol problem Not used. 115 International link out of F0 D6 SDLC: the PU has received an X.25 reset packet while in an "ACTIVE" state (state 5, NRM) and forced the closure. When the extended format of the message is used, (cpu,chan,%ctlr,%unit) is displayed at the end of the message.%dev-statusindicates device-status information.%param1is a mask designating all acceptable status bits.

F0 BF Obsolete. See Table133-2 for hardware error codes.%param2has no value.%param3has no value.CauseAn error has occurred on the specified device.EffectA retry is made. The tables on the following pages specify the meanings for these numeric codes. Additional information to help in troubleshooting can be found in the Event Management Service (EMS) log for message 74.